hi, my name's maurycy. i'm 24, polish, bisexual and i like writing.

in october 2014, me and my friend have created ocs for our story we planned on writing together. it didn't turn out great. she abandoned the project quickly and lost interest in the stories i've written.

i haven't, tho. so i kept writing.

i've been writing about midground for 5 years, now.

after so much time, i missed not being able to share stuff about my ocs'. so i have decided to put together this website, so i can send out the link to my friends and let them read some of the stuff i've created during that time. even if it's not a masterpiece, it would always bring me joy for such a long time.

therefore, i'll try to update this page whenever i'm able to, with drawings, summaries and other stuff.

and here's my tumblr, which you can check out for updates.